Results from our private beta

After developing the first edition of our software in February, we've had a private beta from March till July 2015. We've learned quite some things since the release of this beta…

In the beginning we used Raspberry Pi's to deploy our software. It was cheap, easy and small. So we developed our software for these devices and tested it in our office. It worked fine, besides from some CPU and memory peaks.

But when we deployed these RPi's things went wrong. In the beginning we had trouble with the remote control functionality, we should've had the opportunity to access and update the software on these devices from our office. But we used clumsy methods. As a result there was no internet activity in the devices deployed at a client. We had to physically travel to their location to fix this minor script error.
Then another client started to use video's and was hoping for more animation in their texts. The device went berserk and with an FPS of 6 this wasn't going to be future proof.

It was clear we had to come up with a solution. So we started over from ground up. We decided to stop with development on hardware. We rewrote our code to be cross platform and get rid of the RPi's. So with our focus primarily on software now, we became a SaaS company.

We are now developing a Chrome App so that it will be easier for both our clients and us to manage the software. We will encourage our clients to use Chromeboxes because we think this is the best hardware to use in this situation, but clients can choose their hardware themselves. Of course we thought about the clients who don't want to use Chrome, so we will deploy our software as a Windows and Mac standalone too.

We're getting ready for the public beta. So if you want to join our progress, sign up today!

See y'all in 2016!